New website


Say hello to my new website.

I spent much time trying to think what to write about me.

I tried the old way, skills, experience, services and bla bla bla…

After many hours of writing and deleting, it came to me. This is not me, I am not PHP or WordPress or Flash, HTML5 or any of these.
These are my tools, I love them, I use them but these are not me.

So the big question, WHO AM I?

I am someone who enjoys life, likes to laugh and have good time. I like making websites and applications and whatever has to do with technology and the web. I like to take my time in my projects and make something that both I and my clients like. No supermarket job, no templates, everything from scratch. Everything from the beginning, with my personal taste and the inspiration from people that I respect.

Am I good? To me yes. To you maybe not. One thing is for sure, like my work or not, I always give my best to every project regardless the client or the budget, as long as the project interests me and the client understands what web design, web developing is. It’s not drag and drop boxes as many people think.
It is creativity, passion, imagination and lots of hours in front of my computer.

So you are all welcome to view my work, like it or not like it, because we cannot all be the same, and we cannot all like the same things.

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